Nutanix Enterprise Cloud clusters can be created using several different methods. The most popular methods are:

    1. Automatically as part of the imaging (initial installation) of three or more nodes using the Nutanix Foundation tool
    2. Manually via command line interface on three or more Foundation imaged Nutanix nodes

In the video, I am showing the manual process of creating a single Nutanix cluster. Why showing the manual process? Well, because I want to show you that manual is not all “more difficult” in the Nutanix world.

When the cluster has been created, you can login into the Nutanix Prism Element web interface. This is the cluster management interface via which all cluster operations can be performed.

More details on my followed manual approach can be found at:

Also part of the video, is the completion of cable management work as part of the 64-node Nutanix Enterprise Cloud build. Check my other blog posts for details.

Last but not least, it is almost time for the annual Nutanix .NEXT Conference to be held on October 9th & 10th in Copenhagen (Denmark)!  This will be the first time that I am attending this conference. Therefore I am sharing a bit of preparation that is needed for my visit:

    • Creating my agenda of sessions that I want to attend at .NEXT
    • Checking my flight information including on-boarding
    • Packing my suitcase with the my PQR and Nutanix swag!

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