This was the third day of the 64-node Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Build!

As with the previous days, I had great help from my colleague Mattijs Talen. Mattijs is learning the ropes from me so that he can fly solo on the next Nutanix build.

On this day, we went over to the second datacenter to redo the same work that we already completed on the previous days in the first datacenter. A cool (!), but completely coincidental, feature is that the server racks are all black in contrast to the white ones we worked on before. As you can see from the Multi-Cloud Life website, I am a dark theme fan! 😉

We were flying through the installation of all 32 nodes in this datacenter because we optimised our approach on the Foundation (imaging) process.

It took us roughly 45 minutes to complete the installation of the 17 Front-End cluster nodes, which are installed with Nutanix AHV Hypervisor.

The Backend cluster nodes did give me a (minor) issue to resolve because two nodes failed during the Foundation process. All others were completed successfully. Upon checking, these two nodes failed the hardware verification step (for some reason). Disconnecting the power of these nodes and thereafter restarting the Foundation process resolved the issue.

The remaining 3 DMZ nodes were a piece of cake and took only an additional 20 minutes to complete.

So, 32 nodes completed Foundation in one day, which is a new personal record for me! This also completes the (hardware) build and initial installation of all 64 nodes.

The next step is to create the various Front-End, Backend and DMZ clusters based on the imaged nodes. These nodes have been connected to the ToR switches and accessible via the customers office network. In another blog post, I will show the process of creating a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud cluster based on a set of newly imaged nodes.

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