Recently, I came across a newly published tool named NIACtool that stands for Nutanix Inventory Acropolis Collector Tool. This tool has been developed by David Lira.

As the name already states, the purpose of this tool is to collect information from a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

The tool itself is very lightweight without unnecessary bells and whistles. It offers the choice for VMware ESXi or Nutanix AHV as the concerned Hypervisor on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Secondly, it wants to know whether Nutanix Prism Central is being used for Multi-Cluster management.

After running the tool, the resulting information is collected and exported in a Microsoft Excel file. The information is concerning the following areas:

    • Nutanix Summary Cluster
    • Virtual Machine (VM) List
    • VM Disk Info
    • VM Networks
    • Storage Container
    • Hardware Specification
    • Volume Groups
    • Virtual Disk Info
    • Prism Element Image
    • Prism Central Image
    • Disk Hardware
    • Storage Pool
    • Protection Domain
    • Snapshot on Protection Domain

NIACtool uses the API provided by Nutanix. You can find the Nutanix REST API section by navigating in Nutanix Prism Elements or Central to the “REST API Explorer” available via the user icon (top-right).

My first impressions of NIACtool are very positive when using on my Nutanix Community Edition HomeLab environment. In the coming weeks, I will use this tool in the field to see whether it can help with creating As-Built documentation for new deployments or reviewing information on existing Builds.

If you want to give NIACtool a spin, you can download it for free at

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