Nutanix University is taking the next step forwards

Today, Nutanix has announced that their Nutanix University platform is taking a new step forwards. This “Next Evolution” is impacting the currently available certification tracks. This was already becoming apparent with the recent releases of the NCP-MCI and NCM-MCI tracks.

As a Nutanix Technology Champion, I already had the privilege to hear this news up-front during a NTC meeting held on September 29th. Thanks to Angelo Luciani for keeping us NTC’s in the loop! 😉

New Training Programs

So, what exactly does this Next Evolution entail? Well, that is best answered by showing you the new training programs below:

    • Digital HCI Services
      • MCI – Multi-cloud Infrastructure
    • Data Center Services
      • BC – Business Continuity
      • DS – Data Services
      • SG – Security & Governance
    • DevOps Services
      • MCA – Multi-cloud Automation
      • DB – Database Modernization
    • Desktop Services
      • EUC – End-User Computing

From the above listing it is apparent that Nutanix is maturing their entire training program. This actually reflects the levels of progress being made on all their product offerings ranging from the Core to Essentials and Enterprise Products. Not only AOS, AHV and Prism have taken leaps forwards but the same applies also for products such as Files, Calm, Flow, Frame, Era, etc. So, it was only a matter of time before changes had to be made on the Nutanix training programs. The Next Evolution indeed!

Each Training Program gives the opportunity to progress from Beginners level to Expert level:

    • Associate
    • Professional
    • Master
    • Expert

Note that the Associate level is completely new and is best to be seen as a Foundation level. More on this Nutanix Certified Associate “NCA” level further down below.

Nutanix University

With the new training programs becoming available this means that also new training requires to become available via Nutanix University. Nutanix ensures that there are online and instructor-led training opportunities. Via Nutanix University, you are able to choose independent training modules providing ultimate flexibility. As a student you can self-enroll in any training allowing for building your own training path. Learning Paths tracks your progress and gives credit for previously completed modules. Furthermore, there are interactive simulations and demonstrations including integration with Nutanix’ Test Drive platform.

Additional Online and ILT courses are still to come. More about availability down below.


So, when can we expect all of the above to become available? It will definitely not be a Big Bang as it will take considerable time create all various training programs and associated Associate, Professional, Master and Expert exams.

Released Recently

As mentioned above, both NCP-MCI and NCM-MCI have been made available not too long ago. This includes the related ECA 5.15 and AAPM 5.15 training courses on the Nutanix University platform.

Both of these certifications are also on my agenda to achieve a.s.a.p. as I am currently owning the NCP & NCAP 5.10 certifications. 😉


As of today, newer certification tracks have become available, namely:

    • Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals (NHCF)
      • This course introduces the products, capabilities, and technologies that form the foundation of Nutanix’s Hybrid Cloud solution. You’ll explore the different types of clouds and how on-prem and public infrastructures came together to create hybrid models. Then, you will delve deeper into essential Nutanix products – AOS, AHV, and Prism – while discussing how these products were designed to solve business challenges. And finally, you’ll discuss the fundamentals of operating the Nutanix Hybrid Cloud, such as cluster updates, managing virtual machines, reporting and performance metrics, and more.
    • Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA)
      • IT professionals with an NCA certification have demonstrated that they have the skills to navigate a Nutanix Cluster. They ideally have 6-12 months of IT experience and can assist in operating and managing a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.This exam is available as a free beta for the first 100 people.

Coming Soon

The second batch of certification tracks will become available in the near future:

    • NCP-EUC
      • Earning this certification proves that you can successfully deploy and administer end-user computing environments using Nutanix technologies and VDI systems. It also validates your ability to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain these environments.
    • NCP-DS
      • This certification shows that you have the skills needed to deploy, monitor, troubleshoot and maintain data storage environments using Nutanix Files, Volumes, and Objects in an enterprise cloud.

The above includes the related training courses becoming available via Nutanix University.


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