[video] My impression of the Nutanix User Group – Netherlands Chapter Meeting

The second Nutanix User Group – Netherlands Chapter meeting was held on November 28th at the Nutanix office in Hoofddorp.

During this meeting, several presentations were held by Ruben Spruijt, Wouter Kursten, Bart Donders and myself.

My presentation was about the Nutanix Enterprise Products that enable customers to extend their workloads to the public clouds using hybrid or multi-cloud environments. I also took the opportunity to give live demos on two key Enterprise products namely Xi Frame (Desktop as a Service) and Xi Leap (Disaster Recovery as a Service).

During the diner break, Martijn Bosschaart was kind enough to provide us with a quick tour around the new Nutanix office. I especially enjoyed looking around the Nutanix Support office area because I am in regular contact with Nutanix System Reliability Engineers (SRE) when I face issues in the field.

[video] Nutanix Failure Testing

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform is very resilient as its clusters or storage containers can be configured using Resiliency Factor (RF) 2 or RF 3. This ensures that copies of data are stored on two or three other nodes in the same cluster. That means that a single cluster is able to tolerate a single node failure (RF 2) or two node failures (RF 3) without the loss cluster operations or production data. Continue reading “ Nutanix Failure Testing”