Data Resiliency Not Possible & Adding New Disks to Nutanix Nodes

One of the great benefits of the Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure (‘HCI’) platform is that you can easily expand your Nutanix cluster with new nodes when you are in need of more CPU, RAM and storage resources. But what if you find yourself quickly running out of storage space on your Nutanix cluster without a need for more CPU or RAM resources? Even worse, what if you’ve let this storage problem linger on too long?

My Nutanix Field Deployment Process

I have been doing field deployments of Nutanix nodes for a couple of years now. My very first deployment was back in 2018, which was successful but did not go really smooth. Practice makes perfect though and these deployments have now become a walk in the park. It’s all good fun and time has really flown by. I thought it was about time to share my way of workings with you, which hopefully helps you on your own path as a Nutanix engineer.