Replacing the Nutanix Witness VM on an existing Metro Availability Protection Domain

Last week, I had to change an existing Metro Availability Protection Domain between 2 Nutanix Sites. The change was to replace the existing Witness VM with a new one to be deployed on another VMware ESXi host. I completed this changed during business hours without causing any interruptions. This blog post provides you with the detailed steps that I followed to implement this change.

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Installing a VMware ESXi VIB on Nutanix

Sometimes you run into a situation in which you have to install a VMware ESXi VIB on one or more hosts within your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. The process is the same as on a non-Nutanix platform apart from managing the maintenance mode on Nutanix Controller VM’s.

The complete process is captured in the below screenshot, which I will elaborate on further down below.

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NIACtool – Nutanix Inventory Acropolis Collector Tool

Recently, I came across a newly published tool named NIACtool that stands for Nutanix Inventory Acropolis Collector Tool. This tool has been developed by David Lira.

As the name already states, the purpose of this tool is to collect information from a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

The tool itself is very lightweight without unnecessary bells and whistles. It offers the choice for VMware ESXi or Nutanix AHV as the concerned Hypervisor on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Secondly, it wants to know whether Nutanix Prism Central is being used for Multi-Cluster management.

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